[EU] NGN LiteRP/PvPvE (XP:1x/Harv:2x/Tame:3x)


Our Dark and Light private server is managed with DnL Server Manager and hosted on our Windows virtual root server.


We have three different types of rules with different punishments.


Violating laws will be punished with a ban.

  1. No griefing, be nice to each other (RP is totally fine but don’t overact)!
  2. No PvP between members of the same faction!
  3. No KoS (kill on sight)!
  4. No exploiting or abusing current bugs in the game!
  5. Killing NPC’s or luring creatures on the same purpose into the cities is forbidden!
  6. No Pillarblocking, resource blocking, pathway blocking
  7. No offline Raiding, it’s “Player vs Player” not “Player vs Door”!
  8. Sanctuary is a save zone for all factions no fighting there! (Player created city on the plains)


Violating orders will have consequences

  1. Do not steal from your own faction members
  2. Global/Local/Voice chat is english only
  3. Do not spam the chat
  4. Remove your abandoned structures (old buildings, fences or feeding trough)
  5. Do not kill passive tames, after a fight the attacking party is allowed to see all saddles of passive creatures and take the ones they like
  6. Do not hide valuable stuff in passive creatures


  1. Role playing while not enforced, it is recommended. Keep chat mature and fun.